Showing Support During COVID-19

Racism is a public health issue. In Canada, racism has grown from the history of slavery, forced resettlement, immigration, legacies of colonialism and specific laws and practices. Systemic racism creates conditions that limit opportunities for racialized communities to achieve and maintain good health.  Because of systemic racism, racialized communities are more likely to: be in low paying, precarious employment live … Read More

Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

The weather over the last few weeks has finally started to warm up and that means you most likely have already designed, if not planted your garden. Today, we’re sharing tips to up your chances of success. To start, all gardens will need the following to help their plants grow well: LIGHT – Plants need, full sun, for at least … Read More

Nutrition staff on the front lines of the COVID-19 response

This week, we are shining a light on the role of our CK Public Health nutrition staff in how they have adapted their work to support the COVID-19 response. Public Health dietitians work with many community partnerships on a variety of topics every single day. During the current emergency response, CK Public Health has been fortunate to have such experienced … Read More

Paramedic Services Week 2020: Paramedics on the Front Line

paramedic logo with mask

Paramedic Services Week (May 24-May 30) The theme for Paramedic Services Week 2020 is Pandemic: Paramedics on the Front Line and demonstrates the important role that paramedics play on the front lines of the healthcare system during a pandemic. “During this pandemic we recognize, more than ever, the important partnership we have with Paramedic Services in keeping our community safe and healthy … Read More

Enjoy the Sun Safely

It’s still safe to enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic. Along with keeping 2 metres from others, make sure you enjoy the sun safely! It’s fun to be outside on a hot, sunny day. The sun’s rays feel good, but too much sun can end in a painful sunburn, and over time may lead to wrinkles, age spots, eye damage … Read More

Public Health Inspectors at the Helm of the COVID-19 Response

This week, we are shining a light on the role of our local Public Health Inspectors, or “PHI’s” as we affectionately refer to them as around here. Our PHI’s have been at the helm of the COVID-19 response across Chatham-Kent since the emergency was declared in our community. Who better to provide us with some insight on the role of … Read More

Container and Vertical Gardening

Maybe you live in apartment or a location without a lot of green space or room to grow the large garden you imagined. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on growing your own garden. Container gardening is a great alternative to traditional gardens. They are one of the simplest ways to grow your own plants and they … Read More

When and how to wear a non-medical mask

Photo credit: Handmade by Amy S. Should I wear a mask out in public during the COVID-19 outbreak? Non-medical masks can be used by the public in situations where physical distancing (2 metres) cannot be maintained. For example, travelling to an essential medical appointment. In this case, the non-medical mask or face covering could help protect others from the spread … Read More

“We’re All In This Together” – Not just a trendy tagline!

The recent success of Chatham-Kent’s Long Term Care Home COVID-19 swabbing initiative has proven that enhanced public health measures established in response to the pandemic are working. On April 21, 2020, the province issued a new testing directive as part of Ontario’s COVID-19 Action Plan for Protecting Long Term Care Homes.  CK Public Health, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA), Chatham-Kent EMS … Read More

Public Health Nurses Continue to Support Sexual Health

Public Health Nurses on our School Health and Infectious Diseases teams provide a number of sexual health services, including low-cost birth control, emergency contraception, testing for STIs, free pregnancy testing, and sexual health counselling. And, our dedicate nurses, like Lisa (pictured above), continue to offer these services during the pandemic. If you’ve ever been to our King Street location, you’ve … Read More

Public Health Nurses Support Healthy Growth & Development During Pandemic

From breastfeeding support, hospital visits and postpartum follow up, prenatal education, mental health support, and education on all things pregnancy, birth, parenting, and child growth and development – those are just a few areas our Public Health Nurses with the Healthy Growth and Development team cover. And, they are continuing to offer services through the pandemic. Karen (pictured above) has … Read More