Talking with kids about COVID-19

We have received a lot of questions from parents asking about better ways they can talk to and support their kids during the current pandemic situation. One of the key issues we all share is the disruption of regular routines. For instance, school closures, loss of work, parents having to work from home, loss of regular recreation options, and limited … Read More

Menu Planning and Eating on a Budget During a Pandemic

    Grocery shopping, menu planning, and creating nutritious meals on a budget.  These are all things you might be thinking of right now as we all adjust to life with social distancing and trying to shop less.  To help, we have created some tips to get your started. To start, one of the best things you can do is … Read More

Staying Physically Active while Physically Distancing

We face a crucial time in our society where strict measures have been put in place to protect the health of our families, friends, and community. Physical distancing, self-isolation, and avoiding group gatherings are the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our obligation to follow these practices can mean a big shift to our normal daily routines … Read More

Self-Isolation Explained

  What Does Self-Isolation Mean? By now, you might have heard of the term, “self-isolation,” but what does self-isolating at home actually mean? All of the new information about the COVID-19 pandemic can be confusing. CK Public Health is here to provide you with the facts. Simply put, self-isolation is when you have been instructed to physically separate yourself from others. … Read More

Tips for Grocery Shopping during COVID-19 Pandemic

How to plan, prepare, and shop during the COVID-19 Pandemic While you may feel anxious and uncertain about the pandemic, there is no need to panic and rush to purchase and stockpile supplies. Many of us are confused with how and when to grocery shop and what to buy. Grocery stores are public spaces. If you have been asked to … Read More

How to Help Children Understand and Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Children and teens react, in part, to what they see from the adults around them. When parents and caregivers deal with the COVID-19 calmly and confidently, they can provide the best support for their children. Parents can be more reassuring to others around them, especially children, if they are better prepared.  In order to be prepared, we urge you to … Read More

Healthy Meals: Planning, Preparing and Bears, Oh My!

Food Prep

Are busy weeknights preventing you from eating healthier? What if planning and cooking meals saved you time, money and improved your eating?  When you have a plan, cooking becomes an easier task.  Without a plan, you may find yourself making multiple trips to the grocery store, eating out or buying more expensive prepared meals.  This can feel stressful, more complicated, … Read More

Eating, it’s “More than Food”!

  March is Nutrition Month and this year we are talking about how healthy eating is about More Than Food! Dietitians are encouraging Canadians to consider not only what they eat, but how they eat too!  This aligns so well with the new Canada’s Food Guide and its reminders.  Be mindful of your eating habits by taking the time to … Read More

Win a Free Radon Test Kit

Picture of multiple radon test kits

Logon to our Facebook page every day the week of February 10-14th. Comment to our radon post each day for your chance to win a FREE kit. Two winners each day.  Contest rules Eligibility: Only residents of Chatham-Kent are eligible to win a prize. CK Public Health employees may participate, but are not eligible to win a prize. A … Read More

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “Rises Above” Locally

On January 29th, in honour of Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020, a local event, “Rise Above PTSD: Stories of Redemption” was held at the Ten Seven Café & Lounge. 4 local first responders (Murray Dawson, Brian Knowler, Emily Hime and Gary Deroo) who have struggled with the demons of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, took part in a fireside chat about … Read More

Youth Vaping on the Rise

Youth Vaping on the Rise

Youth culture moves fast. “What’s in”, clothing, language, popular music and other trends change quickly and it’s hard to keep up with everything that is occurring. If you haven’t been paying attention, you might have missed that youth vaping in Canada has increased 75% in the past year (2017/2018). Here in Chatham-Kent, almost 32% of high school students have reportedly … Read More