Bivalent Vaccines – What they are and why you need one

Curious about what “Bivalent Vaccines” are? You’re not the only one! Although a common term in the biomedical field, we are yet to hear about bivalent vaccine availability for COVID-19. Until now, that is! Bivalent vaccines target two different coronavirus strains; the original COVID-19 strain, as well as the Omicron variant (more specifically, the BA.1 subvariant) Similar to the flu, … Read More

Which way to the beach?

Young boy standing on a beach with his arms spread out.

  One of the best parts about living in Chatham-Kent is access to amazing local beaches. Let us help you enjoy them safely this summer. As the temperatures warm up so to will CK Public Health’s beach water E.Coli monitoring program. Beginning June 13, 2022 sampling will occur at all beaches located throughout Chatham-Kent over the course of the summer. … Read More

Don’t let West Nile Virus take a bite out of your fun this summer!

A man scratching a mosquito bite and a woman spraying bug spray.

The warm weather is here, freezies have made their highly anticipated return and kids can be seen running through sprinklers. Ahhh, summer is back! As you get your tank tops and flip flops out of winter storage, CK Public Health will be busy setting up mosquito traps around Chatham-Kent as part of our annual West Nile Virus surveillance program. While … Read More

World No Tobacco Day 2022

This year, the World Health Organization is acknowledging the impact tobacco production has on the environment and throughout its life cycle, how tobacco pollutes the planet and damages the health of people. Tobacco harms the environment Tobacco growing, manufacturing and use poison our water, soil, beaches and city streets with chemicals, toxic waste, cigarette butts, including microplastics, and e-cigarette waste. … Read More

Sunshine and Flowers and Ticks, Oh My!

hiker spraying bug spray on body.

The days are getting longer, the beautiful weather is finally here, and flowers and trees are in bloom everywhere you look.  After a long, dark Winter there isn’t anything more appealing than getting outside and taking on the great outdoors. Ahh, Spring! Does it come with any downfalls at all? It does. Ticks! Ticks are commonly found in wooded and … Read More

Earth Day 2022: Food for Thought

Glove in the shape of an apple.

It’s EARTH DAY! Although it is important for us as Earthlings to consider the impact we are making on the world around us each and every day, April 22nd marks the official calendar date where we can come together to celebrate the environment and highlight ways (both big and small) that we can collaborate in an effort to protect our … Read More

COVID-19: Making Decisions When the Choice is Yours

Due to the ease of some restrictions and removal of others all together, when it comes to protecting you and those around you from COVID-19, individual choices around things like masks and social gatherings are more important than ever before.  As COVID-19 spreads in Chatham-Kent, we are no longer being told what we must do, but rather need to focus … Read More

1st Ever Canadian Public Health Week

First Ever Canadian Public Health Week The Canadian Public Health Association’s inaugural Canadian Public Health Week takes place this week. While the COVID-19 pandemic helped to shine a light on who and what public health is, there really is much more to what we do than mass vaccination campaigns and managing outbreaks. Public health units, like CK Public Health, have long … Read More

What’s the Deal with the 3rd Dose?

With so many vaccinated and unvaccinated people being infected by COVID-19 lately, you’ve probably questioned the need for a 3rd dose or “booster” shot, at all. If you’re likely going to get the virus anyways, why go through the hassle of attending a clinic and getting another poke in the arm? Well, this is what we know, for sure: Two … Read More

The Pfizer Safety Report: A Deeper Look

If you have spent any amount of time online lately, you may have noticed a “Pfizer Safety Report” floating around the internet, specifically on social media. Although there isn’t anything particularly ‘new’ or ‘scary’ about the document itself, the way that it has been misrepresented has it reading more like a tale from the Cryptkeeper than an actual Safety Report … Read More

Canada’s 1st Ever Safe Sleep Week

Baby sleeping soundly in empty crib.

Last week we celebrated Canada’s first ever “Safe Sleep Week”. We wanted to recap the week with 8 great tips that will help to reduce the risk of accidental deaths and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in infants. To practice safe sleep with your infant, ensure that you are doing the following: • Breastfeed your baby* — this has been … Read More

Navigating Changing Public Health Measures with Kindness.

Photo of a road with the word recovery on it with text saying everyone is moving towards recovery at their own pace for their own reasons. Please be kind.

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, it is important to remember that everyone will be walking towards recovery at their own pace, for their own reasons. Let’s be kind and considerate to others as they navigate what feels right to them. As with everything related to the pandemic, things change quickly, often due to more information becoming available. People’s feelings … Read More