National Addictions Awareness Week 2023

National Addictions Awareness Week 2023 Graphic Banner

It is National Addictions Awareness Week and this year the theme is Inspiration, Innovation, and Inclusion. Our goal for this week, along with every other week, is to raise awareness about substance use in our community. Substance use affects all walks of life with far reaching impacts for individuals, families and communities. Shifting Our Views on Substance Use For thousands … Read More

World No Tobacco Day 2024

No Smoking symbol raised by a hand in front of a street scene of people walking

Each year, on May 31st, health organizations across the world celebrate “World No Tobacco Day” to raise awareness of the burden tobacco use has on the health of our communities and tobacco industry interference. Did you know that in Chatham-Kent, tobacco use is responsible for 220 deaths, 766 hospitalizations, and 1723 emergency room visits for those aged 35+ each and … Read More

Wishes for the New Year

Dad running behind a child helping her to learn to ride her bike.

The Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr Shanker Nesathurai, extends warm New Year greetings to the vibrant young population within the community. With approximately 27,000 exceptional young people calling Chatham-Kent home, he recognizes the invaluable energy and excitement they bring to our families and society. As we embark on a new year filled with hope and opportunities, Dr Nesathurai acknowledges … Read More

What is Seasonal Respiratory Surveillance?

The 2023/24 respiratory season is upon us, which means it is the perfect time to launch the Seasonal Respiratory Surveillance Bulletin. This bulletin is an interactive report highlighting local and provincial trends in COVID-19 and influenza activity. Surveillance programs provide health systems and communities with improved situational awareness and information that helps us prepare and respond to increasing levels of … Read More

Uninspected Tattoo Shop Advisory

Uninspected Tattoo Shop Advisory

CK Public Health has become aware of an uninspected tattoo shop and is issuing an advisory notice to individuals who have received services at the following location: Tattoos by Cienna 211 Park Street Chatham ON N7M 3S1 Clients who have received a tattoo service at the above noted location are potentially at risk of contracting a bloodborne infection, including HIV, … Read More

Community Foodborne Illness Outbreak Summary

When a foodborne illness outbreak is detected, CK Public Health conducts an investigation in order to: IDENTIFY the source of the illness CONTROL the source to prevent additional illnesses RECOMMEND solutions to prevent a similar outbreak Following a recent outbreak, CK Public Health conducted a thorough assessment to identify and control the source of illness. An outbreak summary was then … Read More

Help us bring the beauty of the outdoors, in!

Help us bring the beauty of the outdoors, in! CK Public Health is calling all local photographers, from amateur to professional, who would like to share their photo(s) of Chatham-Kent nature/landscapes and assist us in incorporating local images into our workspaces. We are looking for images that are free of human-made structures and objects (i.e. buildings, vehicles).  Images selected will … Read More

Chatham-Kent Community Profiles

The Chatham-Kent 2021 Census Profiles bring together a wealth of information about the socio-demographics of the population and the communities served by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, including data on age; marital status; language, immigration, and racialized groups; families and households; education; employment and labour; and income. The information has been presented in a series of seven infographics: Municipality of Chatham-Kent … Read More

Power Failures and Your Home

Lightning strike over trees

During and after a prolonged power failure, the foods you keep in the refrigerator and freezer may become unsafe to eat. Bacteria can build up in perishable foods, which may cause foodborne illness. FOOD IN YOUR FREEZER: Chest or upright freezers will normally keep their contents in a frozen state for about 48 hours if the freezer is full, left … Read More

CK Public Health Giving CK Residents Something to Smile About

Today, on June 13, 2023, CK Public Health hosted the official ribbon cutting for their new Dental Clinic which opened its doors earlier this month. Uniquely, this clinic will serve Chatham-Kent residents that qualify for either the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program or the Healthy Smiles Ontario program. Located at 519 King Street West, with the entrance being on Robertson … Read More

Clearing the Air on Wildfire Smoke

With Environment Canada issuing a Special Air Quality Statement for our region due to smoke from wildfires across the country, CK Public Health reminds residents that wildfire smoke can be harmful to everyone’s health, even at low concentrations. Additionally, people with lung disease (such as asthma) or heart disease, older adults, children, pregnant people, and people who work outdoors are … Read More

Special Air Quality Statements

Environment Canada issues a Special Air Quality Statement whenever there is the possibility of poor air quality. Some weather causes an increase in something called “ground-level ozone concentrations.” These make moderate risk air quality levels possible. During this time, individuals may experience symptoms such as: increased coughing throat irritation headaches shortness of breath Children, seniors, and those with cardiovascular or … Read More