Wishes for the New Year

Dad running behind a child helping her to learn to ride her bike.

The Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr Shanker Nesathurai, extends warm New Year greetings to the vibrant young population within the community. With approximately 27,000 exceptional young people calling Chatham-Kent home, he recognizes the invaluable energy and excitement they bring to our families and society.

As we embark on a new year filled with hope and opportunities, Dr Nesathurai acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead. In this spirit, he extends three key wishes for the young people of Chatham-Kent, aimed at fostering a healthier and safer future.

Wish One: Embrace the power of protection

Dr Nesathurai urges all young people to prioritize their health by getting vaccinated. “Vaccines have been proven to be an effective shield against diseases, safeguarding not only individual well-being but also the health of the entire community,” said the Acting Medical Officer of Health. “By standing together in this commitment, we can create a safer and healthier Chatham-Kent.”

Wish Two: Nurture environments that promote well-being

“I encourage the design of neighborhoods that inspire physical activity, recognizing the significant role that surroundings play in shaping overall health,” said Dr Nesathurai. “By building environments that support well-being, we can enhance the quality of life for all residents.”

Wish Three: Empower through knowledge

Lastly, Dr Nesathurai emphasizes the importance of health literacy among young people. “Understanding health empowers individuals to make informed decisions, leading to healthier lives,” he said. “By fostering a community that values and supports health literacy, we can equip each young person with the tools to critically evaluate health advice sources and advocate for their own well-being.”

CK Public Health, along with Dr. Nesathurai, wishes the young people of Chatham-Kent a healthy and happy New Year.