Creating a Healthy Workplace

Picture of a man working in a factory

Many people spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Working conditions and balance between work and family have a great impact on employee health. Chatham-Kent Public Health Services has developed a variety of resources in the belief that maintaining a healthy lifestyle – at work and at home – is key to long term employee health and employer … Read More

Breakfast in a Hurry

Picture of healthy breakfast

Do you find preparing breakfast a challenge? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and provides the energy you need to start your day. Research has proven that breakfast helps improve your mental and physical performance. It is very hard to make up for the nutrients lost from skipping breakfast and it has been shown the nutrients missed … Read More

Sun Myths

Picture of teens outdoors

Myth 1: “A good tan will protect my skin.” Wrong. Any tan is skin damage. You get a little protection for the moment and lots of problems down the road. Damaging skin to protect skin is a no-win situation. Myth 2: “Stay in the water and your skin won’t burn.” Wrong. Ultraviolet radiation penetrates the water. It can also reflect … Read More

Aim for 8 Fruit & Vegetable Program

Picture of woman shopping for peppers

As part of our Aim for 8 Campaign to encourage the residents of Chatham-Kent to eat more vegetables and fruit, Chatham-Kent Public Health has again partnered with local farmers markets in Chatham and Ridgetown to offer a fruit and vegetable voucher program. This year we have also partnered with local businesses and other vendors to help expand this program throughout … Read More

Sun Sense for Parents

Picture of a baby at the beach

Chances are your child will be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer. Unfortunately, too much sun can be harmful. Over time UV rays can cause skin cancer, premature aging and cataracts. As little as one blistering sunburn in childhood doubles the risk of developing melanoma as an adult. It is important that we practice sun sense at an early … Read More

Breastfeeding in Chatham-Kent

Picture of woman breastfeeding

For the first six months the only food your baby needs is breastmilk. Come to one of our breastfeeding classes and learn the basics of breastfeeding, including: Importance of breastfeeding Getting started Maintaining breastfeeding Pregnant women, partners and support people are invited. These free classes are located at the Health Unit. To register call the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit, 519.352.7270 ext. 2903. … Read More