Aim for 8 Fruit & Vegetable Program

Picture of woman shopping for peppers

As part of our Aim for 8 Campaign to encourage the residents of Chatham-Kent to eat more vegetables and fruit, Chatham-Kent Public Health has again partnered with local farmers markets in Chatham and Ridgetown to offer a fruit and vegetable voucher program. This year we have also partnered with local businesses and other vendors to help expand this program throughout the community. We are also using this program to encourage residents to try new fruits and vegetables with these coupons and to support our farmers through buying local produce.

We will be out at the markets and other programs throughout the summer offering these vouchers and information on fruits and vegetables such as delicious recipes, facts on nutritional value but also tips on canning and freezing.

The $5.00 vouchers can be redeemed for vegetables and fruit. They cannot be used for anything else (i.e. local honey, jam, baked goods, etc).

Customers can attend the farmers markets every Saturday in Chatham by the Civic Centre and in Ridgetown on Main Street at the 4H Barn of the Agricultural Society to use the vouchers at participating vendors.

The vouchers can also be redeemed at the following local vendors:

  • Greatview Orchards & Farm Market – 8677 Talbot Trail, Blenehim
  • JennaLea Garlic and Vegetable Farm – 24226 Fuller Rd, Thamesville
  • Jennen Family Farm Market – 11775 Base Line, Thamesville
  • Manitree Fruit Farms – 8445 Talbot Trail, Blenheim
  • Sarah’s Farm Market – 31 Sandy’s Street and 413 Queen Street, Chatham
  • Sunshine Farms – 30043 Jane Rd, Thamesville
  • Gladstone Sweet Potato Farm – 428 Chatham St, Blenheim
  • Kent Farm Market – corner of Grand Ave and Sandy Street, Chatham
  • Tony’s Market – corner of St. Clair Street and Gregory Drive, Chatham