COVID-19: Making Decisions When the Choice is Yours

Due to the ease of some restrictions and removal of others all together, when it comes to protecting you and those around you from COVID-19, individual choices around things like masks and social gatherings are more important than ever before.  As COVID-19 spreads in Chatham-Kent, we are no longer being told what we must do, but rather need to focus on what we should do.

And what we should do is consider what is happening locally:

  • Chatham-Kent employers are facing staff shortages due to employees being off with COVID-19
  • CK’s daily average reported cases has been increasing over the last couple of weeks (and remember – reported cases show only a tiny snippet of what is actually going on in the community)
  • An increase in infection has been detected through our local wastewater surveillance system
  • The daily average reported cases continues to increase in Chatham-Kent. In the last week, Chatham-Kent has experienced an average of 32 cases per day.

It probably seems like everywhere you turn; someone you know has contracted COVID-19. That may be because so many have. In fact, The Ontario Science Table estimates over 5% of the population has active COVID right now. You, yourself, have probably felt a tickle in your throat and wondered, “is this just a cold, or could I have contracted COVID-19?”

Instead of wondering – take a test!

Rapid antigen tests remain available for anyone to pick up at no charge from over 3,000 retail locations in the province.

Use these tips and tricks to make your at-home test more effective:

  1. Test more often (every 24 hours while you’re symptomatic)
  2. Go beyond your nose (swab your throat and then your nose to improve the accuracy of the test)

PCR tests are also available at any testing centre in Ontario for anyone in the following higher-risk groups:

  • Individuals aged 18 and over who are immunocompromised (have an immune system that is weakened by a health condition or medications);
  • Individuals aged 70 and over;
  • Individuals aged 60 and over with fewer than three vaccine doses; and
  • Individuals aged 18 and over with fewer than three vaccine doses and at least one risk condition (e.g., a chronic medical condition)

Regardless of  your test result, if you or someone in your home is not feeling well – stay home. Infections of any kind are not safe to spread.

We continue to urge CK residents to stay up to date when it comes to receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations. Whether you’re looking for your 1st dose, 2nd dose, 3rd dose or booster –  you can visit or call 519-351-1010 to find an upcoming clinic near you.

We all have choices to make and we at CK Public Health encourage everyone to make the right ones.  Visit and learn more about how you can help stop the spread of infection and keep yourself and your loved ones protected against the serious side effects of COVID-19.