CK Status-Current Situation in Chatham-Kent

Check this page for updates after 10:30am Monday through Friday. Learn more and watch a video tour of the summary report

Summarized information about COVID-19 cases, testing and vaccine status in Chatham-Kent can be found below. This information is updated Monday to Friday by 10:30am (testing data is updated weekly by Thursday at 10:30am). Please use the side bar in the report to scroll down the page, and navigate through the pages using the buttons along the top or at the bottom of the report. (View information in a full, new window) The graphs are interactive and if right clicked, 'Show as table' can be selected, for a focused view of the graph with values shown in table format. For the most up-to-date information on the status of cases in Ontario, visit the Province of Ontario’s website and for Canada, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website.