World Rabies Day – One Health, Zero Death

World Rabies Day-September 28-One Health, Zero Deaths

World Rabies Day-September 28Rabies is a virus that infects warm-blooded animals like cats, dogs, bats, racoons, skunks, and foxes. Once in the body, the virus travels through the nervous system to the brain and is spread through the saliva of infectious animals. A bite or scratch from an infectious animal can spread the virus to other animals or people. Rabies is fatal, but it can be prevented through vaccination.

World Rabies Day takes place every year on September 28. This year’s theme is One Health, Zero Death and it focuses on the World Health Organization’s plan to end the spread of rabies through dogs by 2030.

Vaccinating pets against rabies prevents the spread of the local strains of rabies virus, which, in Ontario is typically from bats, racoons, foxes and skunks. There are some rabies vaccination programs for the wildlife population, but we all must do our part to prevent the spread of the rabies virus. Protect your family by having your pets checked by a veterinarian and vaccinated against rabies.

If you or someone you know is bitten or scratched by an animal, seek medical attention promptly, and report it to CK Public Health by calling 519.355.1071. Visit our webpage for more information, including how you can best protect yourself and your pets against rabies.

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