Which way to the beach?

Young boy standing on a beach with his arms spread out.


One of the best parts about living in Chatham-Kent is access to amazing local beaches. Let us help you enjoy them safely this summer.

As the temperatures warm up so to will CK Public Health’s beach water E.Coli monitoring program. Beginning June 13, 2022 sampling will occur at all beaches located throughout Chatham-Kent over the course of the summer. Samples are sent to the lab for analysis and you can view the results online at CKPublicHealth.com/beaches

Swimming in water with high levels of bacteria and other germs can make us sick if we accidentally swallow water, or cause infections if germs come in contact with open sores. Just like us, E. Coli loves the warm water temperatures and grows best during the hot summer months.

So how can you stay safe during your next trip to the beach?

CK Public Health recommends that you always complete a personal risk assessment for safe swimming before jumping in the water. Avoid swimming at the beach after strong winds, heavy rainfall or if water fowl are present, as all of these things can impact water quality. It is also recommended that you always check out the water quality before heading to the beach at CKPublicHealth.com/beaches

Now start packing that beach bag and we’ll see you in the sand this summer!