Daily Denture & Mouth Care


Dentures require just as much care as your natural teeth.

If you wear dentures, it is important to take them out daily for appropriate cleaning. Visit your oral health care provider regularly. They will examine your mouth for problems with tongue, joints, as well as cancer screen and ensure your dentures fit properly.


  • Place a towel or face cloth on the bottom sink half-full of water to reduce the impact if you accidentally drop your dentures during cleaning.
  • Rinse and brush dentures after each meal and before going to bed, using a soft bristle denture brush with a non-abrasive cleanser or mild liquid soap. If you have an implant-supported denture, discuss its specific care needs with your oral health professional.
  • Check for any broken, cracked or weakened areas of your dentures. Leave dentures out overnight or for a few hours to allow your gums to rest and maintain healthy tissues.
  • Brush natural teeth, gums, tongue, and roof of the mouth using a soft bristled toothbrush.
  • Remove plaque in between natural teeth using interdental devices, such as floss or interdental brushes.
  • See your oral health professional regularly to maintain oral and overall health and denture integrity.
  • Store in a labelled denture case with water.