Finding it hard to pinch pennies?

With more working families finding it harder to make ends meet, a living wage may be the answer. A living wage is the estimated hourly rate of pay that enables working families to afford basic everyday expenses and to be able to participate in their community. The hourly rate is based on the living expenses of a family of four with both parents … Read More

Let’s Start a Conversation! part 4

Health = having a vibrant middle class A community is healthier if everyone gets their fair share of money.  This means that in communities where the gap between the rich and poor is smaller, the healthier everyone is. In Canada, however, this gap is growing.  This is causing a shrinking middle class and creating a group of people who work but … Read More

Let’s Start a Conversation! – part 2

Everyone has a story to tell. “I’ve just lost my job.” “There is mould in my apartment.” “I wish I had friends to hang out with.” “I can’t find flexible daycare.” “I sometimes go to school hungry.” Listen and consider the ways in which people’s stories shape their ability to be healthy.   Let’s start a conversation.  Share what you know! … Read More

Free Gardening Workshop

Want to Learn How to Grow your Own Vegetables? We are offering a FREE interactive workshop Sunday June 2 2-4 pm At Kingston Park This will be a hands-on session teaching you how to: Build raised bed gardens Grow using a square foot garden technique No registration is required and the event is open to all ages to participate.  This … Read More

Let’s Start a Conversation

Health starts, long before illness, in our homes, schools and jobs. The most important things we can do for our health may not be as obvious as we think.  Here is what contributes most to our health: Having options and opportunities A rewarding job with a living wage Food on the table and a place to call home A good … Read More

Dear Mommy: Please make my world smoke-free!

Dear Mommy, Please make my world smoke-free!  When I am in your tummy I can’t get away from the smoke.  When I get out it will be a long time before I can crawl or walk away from the smoke.  I need you to keep me safe.  I can’t grow up as healthy as you would like if I am … Read More

Using technology during an emergency

We rely on technology more and more to keep in touch with our family, friends, and colleagues. But what happens in the event of a major emergency? Suddenly these tools can become vital in helping you and your family get in touch and stay informed. So here are some tips on the use of technology in an emergency: Use non-voice … Read More

28-Day Vegetable and Fruit Challenge – Week #4 tips

28-Day Vegetable and Fruit Challenge The Challenge is coming to a close! Check out our list of tips and recipes for week 4 of the challenge. Week 4 Day 21 Feature Veggie:  BOK CHOY Bok choy, also known as Chinese chard, is part of the cabbage family and counts as one of your dark green vegetables! It is very popular … Read More

Are you protected against HPV?

Have you received the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine? In September 2007, we began offering grade 8 girls the HPV vaccination as a part of our free school-based immunization programs. Beginning September 2012, this program is expanding to include eligible girls who did not receive their shots in grade 8. Girls – are you entering grade 9-12 and did not receive the HPV … Read More

28 Day Vegetable & Fruit Challenge Tips – Week #1

Check out our list of tips and recipes for week 1 of the challenge. We have also added a feature vegetable or fruit. Learn more about how to pick, store and prepare different vegetables and fruit. Week 1 Day 1 Pick your own produce at local farms. Late summer and early fall is a great time to pick fruits and … Read More

Sweet (but not too sweet!) Dreams

It is a beautiful sunny day; you’re walking down the street when you suddenly catch a glimpse of your reflection in a shop window.  You are horrified to discover that all of your teeth are falling out!  That’s when you awake in a cold sweat, relieved that it was all just a bad dream. Teeth are one of the most … Read More

Consent to sex should always be clear

While alcohol may lower inhibitions or create romantic moods, it should not be used as an excuse for neglecting responsible sexual behaviour. It is your responsibility to make sure your partner is sober enough to give sexual consent. If they pass out, have trouble walking, talking or focusing and are not entirely aware of their environment, then they are too … Read More