Dear Mommy: Please make my world smoke-free!

Dear Mommy,

Please make my world smoke-free!  When I am in your tummy I can’t get away from the smoke.  When I get out it will be a long time before I can crawl or walk away from the smoke.  I need you to keep me safe.  I can’t grow up as healthy as you would like if I am breathing in the poison from the smoke.

If I breathe in second-hand smoke, I am more likely to get ear infections, colds, and asthma…plus you will be up many nights with me because I am sick.

I know I’m a new addition to your home and I can’t talk yet but now would be a good time to make our home smoke-free.  So…please let our family and friends know that you want to keep me healthy.

I have to go now and get my rest so that I will be strong and healthy when I see you.

Hugs and Kisses,

Your Bundle of Joy

Check out Be Smoke-Free: A Booklet for Moms on Smoking, Second-Hand Smoke, and Quitting for information on making your world smoke-free for your newest family member.

Last updated: March 2019