Electronic Cigarettes in Chatham-Kent

Picture of woman smoking e-cigarette

Have you ever wondered about electronic cigarettes? Have you asked are there laws preventing the use of e-cigarettes? We get asked about electronic or e-cigarettes all the time. Here in Chatham-Kent our Smoke-Free Chatham-Kent by-law does cover e-cigarettes. According to our by-law, ‘smoke’, or ‘smoking’ includes the use or carrying of: any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, pipe, waterpipe any … Read More

Dear Mommy: Please make my world smoke-free!

Dear Mommy, Please make my world smoke-free!  When I am in your tummy I can’t get away from the smoke.  When I get out it will be a long time before I can crawl or walk away from the smoke.  I need you to keep me safe.  I can’t grow up as healthy as you would like if I am … Read More

Dad – Is it Your Right Time to Quit?

Make Father’s Day a special day. Consider quitting tobacco use. You are not alone in your desire to live a tobacco-free life. By quitting you will: Be a positive role model for your family Reduce your chances of cancer, heart disease and stroke Have more energy AND Your family will: Enjoy extra money for family activities Be less likely to … Read More