Dad – Is it Your Right Time to Quit?

Make Father’s Day a special day. Consider quitting tobacco use. You are not alone in your desire to live a tobacco-free life.

By quitting you will:

  • Be a positive role model for your family
  • Reduce your chances of cancer, heart disease and stroke
  • Have more energy


Your family will:

  • Enjoy extra money for family activities
  • Be less likely to use tobacco
  • Be healthier living in a tobacco-free environment

How can you start your journey to become a tobacco-free dad?

Why not give the gift of quitting tobacco use to you and your family this Father’s Day!

For more information on quitting tobacco and your free copy of Dads Talk about Reducing and Quitting Smoking contact the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit at 519.352.7270.

Last updated: February 2017