Aim for 8 Fruit and Vegetable Program

Picture a dark green salad and bright orange carrots on your meal plate, followed by glowing red strawberries and beautiful blue blueberries for dessert. This can be your plate when you Aim for 8 servings of vegetables and fruit with the CK Public Health!

Our Aim for 8 Campaign is launching this summer, with this campaign we are encouraging Chatham-Kent to eat more fruits and vegetables. CKPHU has partnered with various farmers’ markets and local vendors to offer a Fruit and Vegetable Voucher Program for the fourth year in a row. This program is a great way to try new fruits and vegetables while supporting our local farmers through buying local produce.

The $10.00 vouchers can only be redeemed for vegetables and fruit. They cannot be used for anything else (i.e. local honey, jam, baked goods, etc.)
Vouchers can be redeemed at the following locations:

 The Fourth Street Market – Fourth Street, Chatham from Llewellyn to Wellington

Wallaceburg Farmers’ Market – Oaks Inn, 80 McNaughton Ave., Wallaceburg

Wallaceburg Farmers’ Market – Kinsmen Community Centre, 1416  Dufferin Ave., Wallaceburg

Ridgetown Farmers’ Market – Main Street at the 4H Barn of the Agricultural Society

Cooper Farm Fresh Market– 12218 Ridge Line, Ridgetown

Delhaven Orchards Ltd – 8182 Talbot Trail W, Blenheim

Dover Hill Strawberries – 25824 St. Clair Rd, Dover Centre

Gladstone Sweet Potato Farm – 428 Chatham St, Blenheim

Greatview Orchards & Farm Market – 8677 Talbot Trail, Blenheim

JennaLea Garlic and Vegetable Farm – 24226 Fuller Rd, Thamesville

Jennen Family Farm Market – 11775 Base Line, Thamesville

Josie’s Plants and Produce – 11315 Longwoods Rd, Thamesville

Kerr Farm Market – 115 Indian Creek Rd. East (Red Barn east of 115), Chatham

Kent Farm Market Ltd. – 10475 Claymore Line, Dresden

Manitree Fruit Farms – 8445 Talbot Trail, Blenheim

Nature’s Finest Produce – 6874 Pain Court Line, Pain Court

Pardo’s Berrie Farm – 7951 Talbot Trail, Blenheim

Sarah’s Farm Market – 31 Sandy’s Street, 586 St Clair Street and 413 Queen Street, Chatham

Vankoeverden Farm – 13283 Magnavilla Line, Thamesville

 Throughout the summer, staff will offer these vouchers on various days at farmers’ markets as well as at other programs and events that the Public Health Unit is involved with. Fruit and vegetable recipes, nutrition information, and tips on preparing and freezing fruits and vegetables will also be available.