Pregnancy Testing

The Sexual Health Clinic offers pregnancy testing and confidential options counselling in a safe, and non-judgmental environment. 

Pregnancy testing is offered for free on a walk-in basis. Please note that pregnancy tests are most accurate a few days past an expected menstrual period. Sometimes more time is needed for an accurate result. If you have not had your period after a negative pregnancy test, return to the clinic for another test.

Discussing Your Options

If your pregnancy test comes back as positive, we will discuss your options with you and answer any questions you may have. The nurse is also able to connect you with the right community services as needed. You will be provided with support and information on these three options:

  • Choose to continue the pregnancy
  • Choose to continue the pregnancy and proceed with adoption 
  • Choose to end the pregnancy, legally and safely

We are also available to provide information and support if you already know that you’re pregnant – you do not need to have taken your pregnancy test here.