Birth Control Services

If you are sexually active and do not want to become pregnant, it’s important to take steps to avoid unintended pregnancy by using effective birth control. At CK Public Health, the Public Health Nurse will help you learn more about birth control options so you can pick the right one for your body, your relationships, and your lifestyle. 

We offer a number of birth control options at low-cost, including:

  • Oral Contraception “the pill”
  • Nuva Ring “the ring”
  • Evra Patch “the patch”
  • Depo-Provera Injection “the shot”
  • Mirena or Kyleena IUS
  • Copper IUD

You can get a prescription for birth control from the Sexual Health Clinic or from your own health care provider. To buy low-cost birth control from our clinic, your health care provider will need to fill out this form.

What should I know before coming to the clinic?

CK Public Health offers birth control prescriptions on a walk-in basis. During your visit, the Public Health Nurse will discuss your medical history and provide you with education about the different types of birth control. If the nurse has any concerns, you may be required to book an appointment with the clinic doctor.

What if I miss a dose?

If you have had unprotected sex and missed a dose of birth control or you are not on birth control, there is a risk that you could be pregnant. The Sexual Health Clinic offers Plan B and pregnancy testing.

Does birth control protect me from STIs?

Birth control methods including pulling out do not protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The only way to prevent getting an STI is by not having any sexual contact. The best way to reduce your risk of getting an STI during sex is to wear a condom. See STI Testing to find out more information on how you can get tested at the Sexual Health Clinic.