Let’s Talk About It…

Picture of baby and father sleeping

Development of sexuality is important at every stage of life. Over the next several months this article will break down the different ages and stages to focus on development of healthy sexuality. Healthy behaviours for children from infancy to 2 years should focus on developing a sense of trust.  This is done through relationships that the child has with caregivers … Read More

Building Healthy Babies

Picture of pregnant women

Are you having a baby?  The Building Healthy Babies program would like to help your baby be born at a healthy weight. Babies born at unhealthy weights are more likely to have health problems in their first year of life and beyond.  The Building Healthy Babies program offers group teaching on pregnancy, nutrition, breastfeeding, and infant care; support from Public … Read More

Make Healthy Food Choices…. Most of the time!

Picture of girl shopping for peppers

In a pinch you may want to default to take out or prepackaged foods. It’s also tempting when you’re grocery shopping to purchase packaged items on sale. Making healthy food choices means choosing nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and choosing lean protein options most often. Use the chart below to help you change less healthy options … Read More

Are My Kids Eating Okay?

Child Eating

What should I feed my kids for breakfast? What are some good snack foods for my kids? How do I get my kids to eat healthy foods? How much food should my child be eating? My child doesn’t eat very much, should I be worried? Are meal times supposed to be a struggle? My child has allergies, what do I do? Feeding young children can … Read More