Let’s Talk About It…

Picture of baby and father sleeping

Development of sexuality is important at every stage of life.

Over the next several months this article will break down the different ages and stages to focus on development of healthy sexuality.

Healthy behaviours for children from infancy to 2 years should focus on developing a sense of trust.  This is done through relationships that the child has with caregivers and sense of touch.

Healthy behaviours in this age group include;

  • exploring body parts, including genitals
  • walking around with no clothing on
  • spontaneous reactions, such as erections, for little boys

Help children in this age group develop a positive body image towards themselves by using correct terms for body parts, modeling comfortable touch (such as not forcing children to hug someone else) and talking to your kids about boundaries (help children to understand that their bodies belong to them during diaper changes).

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