Oral Health for Teens

Image of teen in a dental chair

When your teen is already busy with friends, schoolwork and catching up on sleep, proper oral hygiene can go on the back burner. Even as their independence grows it is still a parent’s responsibility that your teen practices good dental care. By making oral hygiene part of a simple daily routine, you can help your teen sneak in regular brushing and flossing along with all the other plans in his or her schedule.


Teens seem to be able to exist on a steady diet of soda, chips and candy, but those kinds of treats can wreak havoc on teeth. A diet high in sugar promotes bacteria and cavities. By making healthier treats and drinks readily available, teens might be less likely to snack on sugary foods. Keep water, cut vegetables, whole-grain crackers and other sugar-free treats at the ready for convenient snacking.

Appeal to Confidence

Teens are notoriously concerned with their looks, so appealing to their image can be one way to encourage teens to brush up on their oral hygiene habits. Gently reminding teens that a slack dental care routine could result in yellow stains and bad breath can help remind them that the importance of tooth brushing is more than just staying cavity-free.

Got game? Only if your teeth are protected

Hockey, soccer, football, rugby, martial arts, lacrosse, boxing, basketball, baseball, BMX, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding… ALL high risk sports! Protect your mouth. See a dental hygienist to get a custom fitted sports mouth guard or purchase a boil and bite mouth guard at your local sporting goods store and wear it at all games and practices.

A cost effective investment in protection. The estimated cost to treat a lost front tooth over a lifetime can range from $5,000-$10,000. The average cost of a fitted sports mouth guard can be as low as $20. The cost of hockey skates and other sports equipment can far exceed that.

Image of burning cigaretteTobacco/ Cannabis

Smoking can cause tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss and – more seriously – mouth cancer. Smoking is also one of the main causes of bad breath.  Smoking cannabis can have the same effects as smoking tobacco.