Preventing pregnancy after sex

Missed pills? Broken condom? No protection? When accidents happen you’ve got a back-up plan! It’s called emergency contraception (EC), also known as the “morning after pill” or Plan B. You risk an accidental pregnancy when condoms break, when birth control is taken incorrectly, or if you were unprepared for sex. Unprotected sex, even if it’s just once, can lead to … Read More

Parenting Toddlers

What’s Positive About Discipline? A toddler’s job is to get to know the world by seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling everything. They move very quickly, touch everything, put everything in their mouth, do not understand “breakable” and are prone to injuries. Toddlers are very busy exploring their world but cannot understand the risks. A parent’s job is to provide … Read More

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Give your baby the best start possible! Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause birth defects and life-long brain damage to your baby. There is no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy. Your baby’s brain is developing throughout pregnancy. The safest choice in pregnancy is no alcohol at all. In fact, it is best to stop drinking before you get pregnant. … Read More

Booster Seats

Make Every Ride a Safe Ride! Booster Seats:  Unsure of when your child can switch from a forward facing car seat to a booster seat? To a regular seat belt? A booster seat raises a child so the adult seat belt is properly positioned over the child’s body. To use a booster seat, a child must be over 40 lbs … Read More

Forward Facing Car Seats

Make Every Ride a Safe Ride! Forward Facing Car Seats: Unsure of when your infant can switch from a rear facing to a forward facing car seat?  Having trouble installing your car seat?  To turn forward facing, infants need to be: 1 year of age AND 22 lbs (10 kg) AND walking independently Even if your child meets these criteria, … Read More

Rear Facing Car Seats

Make Every Ride a Safe Ride! Rear Facing Car Seats: Make sure your baby is safe on the ride home from the hospital and every ride in a vehicle. Babies don’t have the back and neck strength to support themselves facing forward in a car seat. The rear facing position is safer because in a crash the force will be spread across … Read More

Tummy Time

Why is it important?  Supervised tummy time is an important activity that needs to be part of a baby’s daily routine. It helps prevent baby flathead and tight neck muscles. It is also important in promoting your baby’s development. There has been an increase in the number of babies developing baby flathead (positional plagiocephaly), as well as tight neck muscles (torticollis). Babies’ … Read More

New Dad

What’s a Dad to do with a Baby? Sometimes new fathers feel a little unsure of what to do with a new baby.  It can be scary holding your baby for the first time, let alone providing care. Parenting is a learning experience.  New dads often think that moms know exactly how to care for a new baby, but they … Read More

Dad – Is it Your Right Time to Quit?

Make Father’s Day a special day. Consider quitting tobacco use. You are not alone in your desire to live a tobacco-free life. By quitting you will: Be a positive role model for your family Reduce your chances of cancer, heart disease and stroke Have more energy AND Your family will: Enjoy extra money for family activities Be less likely to … Read More

Possible Choking Hazard

Attention Parents; We have been made aware of a potential safety hazard with the book, Meow, which has been distributed to families within Chatham-Kent.  The sound button at the top of the book can become loose and fall out.  The size of the button is below the acceptable toy size for children.  Buttons and other small objects found by young children … Read More

Tanned Skin = Damaged Skin

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself what you know now?  This video shows how the sun damaged your skin when you were younger – and now you witness its harmful effects.  Share this 6 minute clip with a young person in your life .   Did you know?          most sun damage occurs before age 18 … Read More

Smoking for Two?

Did you know that for every cigarette a pregnant woman smokes, the baby gets the effects of two?  There are over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette.  More than 50 of these cause cancer.  These chemicals are passed on to the baby through the placenta causing a decrease in the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the baby receives. Risks to … Read More