Booster Seats

Make Every Ride a Safe Ride!

Booster Seats:  Unsure of when your child can switch from a forward facing car seat to a booster seat? To a regular seat belt?

A booster seat raises a child so the adult seat belt is properly positioned over the child’s body. To use a booster seat, a child must be over 40 lbs (18 kg).

Remember – Booster seats are required by law. Improper use or non-use may result in a fine and demerit points. A child can switch to a regular seat belt once they are:

  • Over 80 lbs (36 kg)   OR
  • 8 years of age  OR
  • Over 145 cm (4 feet 9 inches) tall

As long as your child is within the height and weight ranges for his or her forward facing seat, and fits the car seat properly, it is safest to use that car seat as long as possible.

Watch this video from Ontario Ministry of Transportation on how to install and use a booster seat.

For more information visit:
Parachute Canada
Transport Canada
Ontario Ministry of Transportation


Last updated: September 2019