New Dad

What’s a Dad to do with a Baby?

Sometimes new fathers feel a little unsure of what to do with a new baby.  It can be scary holding your baby for the first time, let alone providing care. Parenting is a learning experience.  New dads often think that moms know exactly how to care for a new baby, but they are learning too. At first moms spend more time with baby, so they become confident very quickly.  Dads, give yourself time to learn. Ask your partner to give you time to get used to your new baby and learn how to provide care in your own way.

Did you know that taking care of your baby is like taking care of a car? Listen to what these dads have to say.

Dad, your involvement in your baby’s life will help your child:

  • Get along better with others
  • Be a better problem solver
  • Have more initiative and communicate better
  • Have more success in school and work
  • Become less likely to get involved in substance abuse or criminal activity

Ways to get involved in your baby’s life as soon as your baby is born:

  • Snuggle skin-to-skin
  • Burp and change your baby
  • Give your baby a bath
  • Play, talk, read and sing to your baby
  • Take your baby for walks
  • Contribute to household chores

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Last updated: February 2017