Best Before Dates VS Expiry Dates

Picture of girl in supermarket

BEST BEFORE DATES vs. EXPIRY DATES When it comes to food, the terms ‘best before date’ and ‘expiry date’ have different meanings. What does a best before date actually mean? A food past its best before date does not mean the food cannot be eaten safely.  A best before date is simply a promise from the manufacturer that the food … Read More

Winter Driving – Are You Prepared?

Picture of snowstorm

Driving in the winter time can pose many dangers. You should ensure your car is prepared to handle emergencies. The following is a list of things you should have in your car to be prepared: Food that won’t spoil, such as energy bars. Water in plastic bottles so they won’t break if frozen (change every 6 mths). Blanket, extra clothing and shoes. First aid … Read More

Do you know what a standard drink size is?

Picture of cocktails

When it comes to drinking alcohol, SIZE MATTERS! Find out why!  Check out the new Rethink Your Drinking website. We want you, and our communities, to “Rethink Your Drinking” by looking at your relationship with alcohol, like why, when and how much you drink.    

November is Radon Awareness Month

Picture of Radon Tester

Radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer in Canada!   What is radon?  Radon is a natural radioactive gas from the soil and rock beneath our homes.  When it seeps into your home, you can’t see it, taste it or smell it.  Radon can kill you.  Not many people know that a simple test in your home can … Read More

Food Safety Videos – Fun and Educational

We are proud to present a fun, fact filled series of Food Safety Videos to educate and entertain you, friends and family.   Each video teaches how to “Be Food Safe” in different situations: Food Poisoning – Be Food Safe Learn more about Food Poisoning and what you should do if you think you have it. Grocery Shopping – Be Food … Read More

It Won’t Happen to Me!

Picture of woman holding pregnancy test

Why are there still so many unplanned pregnancies if there are so many birth control methods available? Here are a few reasons: People take risks, they think “it won’t happen to me” (recent generations expect to enjoy sex without the consequences). Pregnancy will eventually happen, if you are not using a reliable type of birth control.  Be prepared; plan ahead … Read More

Let’s Talk About It…

Picture of baby and father sleeping

Development of sexuality is important at every stage of life. Over the next several months this article will break down the different ages and stages to focus on development of healthy sexuality. Healthy behaviours for children from infancy to 2 years should focus on developing a sense of trust.  This is done through relationships that the child has with caregivers … Read More

Confused about labels and peanut free lunches?

Picture of nutritional label

Schools work really hard to keep the school allergy safe. As a first step, we encourage parents to find out your school’s policy on food allergies. Once you know about the foods that need to be avoided, keep them in mind when reading the ingredient list on food labels and when packing lunches. Schools that are nut aware includes walnuts, … Read More

Make Healthy Food Choices…. Most of the time!

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In a pinch you may want to default to take out or prepackaged foods. It’s also tempting when you’re grocery shopping to purchase packaged items on sale. Making healthy food choices means choosing nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and choosing lean protein options most often. Use the chart below to help you change less healthy options … Read More

Almost Time to Make the Lunches!

Picture of a packed lunch

It’s much easier to plan meals and lunches ahead of time rather than trying to figure it out while you’re walking into the grocery store.  If you plan meals and lunches in advance, it will save last minute grocery store trips and you’re less likely to buy convenience foods. Plan ahead by using The Lunch and Snack Planner as a … Read More

Rabies – May is Rabies Awareness Month

Picture of animals lined up

What is Rabies?        Rabies is a fatal disease caused by a virus that affects the brain and spinal cord of warm-blooded mammals, including humans. How Can I get it?       People may be exposed to rabies through contact with the saliva of an infected animal (usually a bite or scratch). What will I see if an animal has Rabies?     Abnormal … Read More

Melanoma Monday

Picture of dermatologist examining a mole

Melanoma Monday is observed on the first Monday in May and is internationally recognized as a day of skin cancer awareness. Approximately 6,500 Canadians were diagnosed with melanoma in 2014 and 950 died from it. When found at an early stage, melanoma has one of the highest cure rates of all cancers at more than 90%. Unfortunately, melanoma is one … Read More