Emergency Preparedness on a Budget – Get Started Today!

Picture of Emergency Checklist

Preparing for emergencies at the personal and family level can help to reduce negative impacts on you and your family in the event of an emergency.  Sometimes it can be hard to spend money preparing for emergencies that have not happened, when there are so many other things we could be spending it on. There are many things you can … Read More

Wash your leafy greens!

Picture of salad greens

As a result of an ongoing food borne illness investigation implicating certain leafy greens as a possible source of E. coli 0157,  Canadians are reminded to be vigilant about the following when handling/preparing food. thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water before and after handling foods keep knives, counter tops, and cutting boards clean wash ready –to-eat fruits … Read More

What is My CancerIQ?

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Designed by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), My CancerIQ is a website that helps you understand your risk for cancer and what you can do to help lower that risk. A series of risk assessments estimate your risk of cancer compared with other Ontarians of the same sex age 40 and over. At the end of each assessment you’ll receive a … Read More

Electronic Cigarettes in Chatham-Kent

Picture of woman smoking e-cigarette

Have you ever wondered about electronic cigarettes? Have you asked are there laws preventing the use of e-cigarettes? We get asked about electronic or e-cigarettes all the time. Here in Chatham-Kent our Smoke-Free Chatham-Kent by-law does cover e-cigarettes. According to our by-law, ‘smoke’, or ‘smoking’ includes the use or carrying of: any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, pipe, waterpipe any … Read More

Snow and More Snow! Be Careful Shovelling!

Picture of man shovelling snow

Before you get you shovel out, make sure you are prepared! Safe snow shovelling requires proper preparation, the right tools, good technique and knowledge. You should keep in mind that, while shovelling snow may be a good workout, it involves strenuous effort. Check out the Toronto Paramedic Services Website  for great tips for safe shoveling!

Fed Up – The Movie Review!

Fed Up Movie Poster

Did you have a chance to see the movie Fed Up?  The Registered Dietitians at the CK Public Health saw the movie and would like to share with you our thoughts! For the most part, the film does a good job of presenting the intricacies of the United States food system and unhealthiness of the current industry-driven food environment.  We … Read More

Hookah and Shisha – Health Effects

Since the terms are often confused for one another, here are some definitions: Hookah– this is a water-pipe that originated in India and in the Middle-East but is becoming popular around the world. Hookah pipes can have many tubes or just one tube that is passed around making smoking a hookah a social event.   Shisha– this is what is … Read More

Workplace Wellness

Sign up today to get our monthly newsletter, “The Body Bulletin”, and CK Public Health updates to learn  what is happening in our community.  Take the next step and share what you’ve learned. SIGN UP NOW Send Email The term “Workplace Wellness” refers to any workplace program designed to help employees maintain or improve their health. Workplace programs can address issues such as healthy … Read More

SELFIE! SELFIE! – Active Selfie Contest

WIN WIN WIN – you could win a bike and helmet! – Enter our Active  #Selfie Contest Send us a selfie of you and or your family being active outside to ckphu@outlook.com Have your friends and family SHARE and LIKE from OUR Active Selfie Album (must be from our album for us to count votes) The picture with the most … Read More


Not all ticks carry Lyme Disease. In Ontario, the tick that is known to transmit Lyme Disease is the Blacklegged (Deer) Tick. What are Blacklegged Ticks? Adult Blacklegged Ticks are about the size of a sesame seed or smaller with distinct reddish colouring on their backsides. They move slowly, cannot fly, and feed on blood to grow and develop.  Protect … Read More

Is Your Well Water Safe?

To be sure your well water is safe for you and your family to consume you need to first have your water tested. The CK Public Health provides FREE testing of private water wells in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. By visiting the us or your local Service Centre you can get water sample bottles for FREE and after collecting your … Read More

Pets and Emergencies

Pets are members of the family. Make sure to include pets when developing your family emergency plan. Making arrangements before an emergency will increase your pet’s chances for survival. Assemble a pet emergency survival kit and be ready to take your pet and their kit with you in the event you have to evacuate. Prepare a pet emergency survival kit … Read More