Healthy Brain Development for Babies

How to Build a Healthy Brain? 

How can you help your three-year old cope with emotions? What foods can help to build a healthy brain? What is play-based learning? How do you build attachment? What does attachment have to do with brain development?

You can get answers to these questions at This website is designed for future parents and for parents of children aged zero to three. You will receive inexpensive, practical suggestions to support your child’s brain development. The website is easy to navigate and the videos are fun to watch.

The website has 15 short videos on topics like:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Play
  • Literacy
  • Physical activity
  • Attachment
  • Self-regulation
  • Discipline
  • Stress

The videos:

  • show real-life situations, filmed with Ontario families.
  • contain expert commentary on the parent-child interactions.
  • offer practical advice for parents, based on proven practices.
  • the videos can be shared with your online social networks.

The website centres around the following key messages:

  • Start early.
  • Love builds brains.
  • Playing builds brains.
  • Health builds brains.
  • Baby’s world matters.

All of the little things you do every day with your baby impact your baby’s development. When babies feel secure, they are more able to learn from their environment. Spend time interacting with your baby by talking, singing and responding to their needs.

The Healthy Baby Healthy Brain website was developed by the Best Start Resource Centre.

Last updated: March 2019