Prevent Child Injury

Illustration of preventing child injury

Prevent Child Injury Injuries occur in young children as they develop and explore their surroundings. Their bones, muscles, vision, and balance are still developing. They are learning new skills all the time and don’t have the skills that adults have to judge whether or not their activities are safe. Leading Ontario Child Injuries: Falls Scalds and Burns Poisonings Importance of … Read More

More Time for Floor Time – Free the Babies!

Picture of baby boy crawling

You have a new baby on the way and you are wondering what you need to buy before baby arrives. Whether you are at the store, online, or talking to other parents there is a lot of information on baby equipment. Who would have thought you needed so many things for a baby? Car seats, cribs, and high chairs are … Read More

Toy Safety

The holiday season has begun and soon parents and caregivers will be busy putting all the toys together. Play is very important for your child’s growth and development along with being such a great way to continue strengthening your special bond with them. Below you will find helpful tips provided by Health Canada to keep your child safe while playing … Read More

Is Your Child Ready for School?

February is kindergarten registration time.  It is the next step in your child’s learning journey. A child’s journey to school starts at the moment of birth.  Children learn by: Touching Hearing Tasting Seeing Smelling Moving Doing (one example is playing) Here are some important tips for parents to help children learn: Lots of love Talking and listening Play, play and … Read More

Healthy Brain Development for Babies

How to Build a Healthy Brain?  How can you help your three-year old cope with emotions? What foods can help to build a healthy brain? What is play-based learning? How do you build attachment? What does attachment have to do with brain development? You can get answers to these questions at This website is designed for future parents and for parents … Read More

Playing It Safe – Childproofing the Environment

Every day, children are exposed to potentially hazardous substances where they live, learn and play.  There is growing concern about the effect that harmful chemicals and other hazards have on their health. The best way to protect our children is to reduce or eliminate as many contaminants as possible from the air, water, soil, food and products.  To create a … Read More