Toy Safety

The holiday season has begun and soon parents and caregivers will be busy putting all the toys together. Play is very important for your child’s growth and development along with being such a great way to continue strengthening your special bond with them.

Below you will find helpful tips provided by Health Canada to keep your child safe while playing with their toys.

Toy Safety

  • Purchase age appropriate toys
  • Look for sturdy, well-made toys
  • Use supervision and teach them how to properly use the toy
  • Promptly remove and discard all packaging such as plastic bags and wrap
  • Check toys often for hazards like sharp edges, loose or broken parts and be sure that plastic eyes and noses are firmly attached
  • Avoid toys with cords that are long enough to wrap around a child’s neck

Toys with Magnets or Batteries

  • Seek medical attention for any child that has swallowed one or more magnets
  • Older children are known to use small powerful magnets in their mouths for fake tongue and cheek piercings or attaching them to their braces. This could result in accidental swallowing
  • Only adults should install or charge batteries
  • Batteries are poisonous, call your health care provider or the Ontario Poison Centre immediately if a child swallows one

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Last updated: June 2018