I CAN Breastfeed…

Image of a sister kissing a baby

I Can Get Enough Rest While Nursing My Baby How many times, as a mom-to-be, have you heard people say, “Better get your rest before the baby comes, because once they are here you won’t get any”? Although getting enough rest can sometimes seem almost impossible for new moms, the good news is that, with a little planning, it can … Read More

Healthy Brain Development for Babies

How to Build a Healthy Brain?  How can you help your three-year old cope with emotions? What foods can help to build a healthy brain? What is play-based learning? How do you build attachment? What does attachment have to do with brain development? You can get answers to these questions at  http://www.healthybabyhealthybrain.ca/. This website is designed for future parents and for parents … Read More

Aunt Nan says: “Formula-fed babies sleep longer.”

Babies are not supposed to sleep for long periods – and certainly are not supposed to sleep through the night right away. New studies show that babies who have longer periods of deep sleep may be more at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  There is no need to give a baby formula (or rice cereal) before bed to encourage … Read More