Tips For Packing a School Lunch (2021-2022)

In preparation for the 2021-2022 school year, school lunches continue to be an important way to provide adequate nutrition to support the development and health of children and youth. Here are a couple of items to consider. The guidelines are the same as in previous school years. 1. For a guide on what to pack, Canada’s Food Guide is a … Read More

Nutrition staff on the front lines of the COVID-19 response

This week, we are shining a light on the role of our CK Public Health nutrition staff in how they have adapted their work to support the COVID-19 response. Public Health dietitians work with many community partnerships on a variety of topics every single day. During the current emergency response, CK Public Health has been fortunate to have such experienced … Read More

Confused about labels and peanut free lunches?

Picture of nutritional label

Schools work really hard to keep the school allergy safe. As a first step, we encourage parents to find out your school’s policy on food allergies. Once you know about the foods that need to be avoided, keep them in mind when reading the ingredient list on food labels and when packing lunches. Schools that are nut aware includes walnuts, … Read More

Fed Up – The Movie Review!

Fed Up Movie Poster

Did you have a chance to see the movie Fed Up?  The Registered Dietitians at the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit saw the movie and would like to share with you our thoughts! For the most part, the film does a good job of presenting the intricacies of the United States food system and unhealthiness of the current industry-driven food environment.  … Read More

Healthy Brain Development for Babies

How to Build a Healthy Brain?  How can you help your three-year old cope with emotions? What foods can help to build a healthy brain? What is play-based learning? How do you build attachment? What does attachment have to do with brain development? You can get answers to these questions at This website is designed for future parents and for parents … Read More

Planning a Pregnancy, Pregnancy and Parenting

Thinking of starting a family?  Expecting a baby? Are you a new parent? These are exciting times in life and a time when you need information you can trust and feel confident using.  Start with these websites. You will find information on: planning a pregnancy parenting pregnancy healthy living nutrition health care safety Websites for Planning a Pregnancy, Pregnancy & … Read More