Skin-to-skin….everyone wins

Picture of baby on mothers chest

Skin-to-skin means baby is placed on mother’s bare chest for at least an hour, or until the end of the first feed. Mother and baby can be covered with a light blanket. Most procedures and checks can be done with the mother and baby skin-to-skin.  If there are medical reasons for separation of mother and baby after birth, dad can … Read More

Infant Attachment

Picture of father and son playing

Importance of Attachment between You and Your Baby You may have heard how important it is for your baby to form an attachment to you as a parent. According to Infant Mental Health Promotion, “As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s development. During the early years your relationship with your child and the experiences you provide … Read More

Healthy Brain Development for Babies

How to Build a Healthy Brain?  How can you help your three-year old cope with emotions? What foods can help to build a healthy brain? What is play-based learning? How do you build attachment? What does attachment have to do with brain development? You can get answers to these questions at This website is designed for future parents and for parents … Read More

Aunt Nan says: “Breastfed babies are too clingy.”

Babies need to feel safe and loved in order to have confidence to explore their world around them.  During breastfeeding, a mother and her baby have an opportunity to bond.  The mother’s body releases oxytocin, which is sometimes called the “love hormone” – it gives her feelings of attachment to her baby.  As she smiles, sings, coos, strokes, and nourishes … Read More