What’s the Deal with the 3rd Dose?

With so many vaccinated and unvaccinated people being infected by COVID-19 lately, you’ve probably questioned the need for a 3rd dose or “booster” shot, at all. If you’re likely going to get the virus anyways, why go through the hassle of attending a clinic and getting another poke in the arm? Well, this is what we know, for sure: Two … Read More

Findings from CK Public Health’s COVID-19 Community Survey

In the fall, CK Public Health worked with IPSOS to do a community survey about COVID-19. Thank you to our community members who took part. Below, we share why we did the survey, what we learned, and what we’re doing with the information. Why a survey on COVID-19 in Chatham-Kent? In short, the answers to the survey questions help us … Read More

Working Together To Stop an Outbreak in the Community

Infographic diagram of icons demonstrating how COVID-19 spread from a small Chatham-Kent Church. 21 members of a church became infected with the virus that spread to households, group living settings and a blood donor clinic. Each level had additional transmissions to other households and their close contacts. In total, 40 positive cases resulted in this situation with 2 declared outbreaks and 3 hospitalizations. Over 500 people had to self isolate and that impacted 3 school cohorts, 50 people from the church, 170 school students, 180 blood donor clinic attendees, 25 in workplaces and 10 in a group living situation.

We’ve learned a lot about COVID-19 since the pandemic was declared in March: We truly are all in this together. On Monday November 23rd  Chatham-Kent moved into the YELLOW-PROTECT level of the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework. We are grateful for your continued effort to follow changing public health measures. With case numbers rising, we need to continue to practice these measures … Read More

CK Public Health Conducts Community Survey

community survey with question mark balloons

In the coming days, you may get a phone call to ask about your perceptions, beliefs and behaviours related to COVID-19. CK Public Health is partnering with Ipsos, a Canadian-based market research and public opinion firm, to complete a survey that will help guide the local public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ipsos interviewers will be calling a random … Read More

What to Expect: Personal Service Settings and COVID-19

dog getting their hair done

  What to Expect in Phase Two: Service Settings With more personal service settings opening in Phase Two, maybe you’re ready for a much needed hair or dental appointment or perhaps some physio or massage therapy? These types of services promote health and well-being, but, receiving health and personal care services at this time is not without risk. Going in-person … Read More

Nutrition staff on the front lines of the COVID-19 response

This week, we are shining a light on the role of our CK Public Health nutrition staff in how they have adapted their work to support the COVID-19 response. Public Health dietitians work with many community partnerships on a variety of topics every single day. During the current emergency response, CK Public Health has been fortunate to have such experienced … Read More