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Thinking about quitting smoking? Congrats on making the first step in creating a healthier you? Did you know that almost 50% of daily smokers want quit some time in the next 6 months? Also, when making a quit attempt, the majority people try to quit on their own without any support or assistance. Fortunately, there are many support options available to you in Chatham-Kent so maximize the success of you next quit attempt by using an option that fits you. Here is a small sample of what’s available to you:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Many doctor's offices in Chatham-Kent have programs where patients can access free or low cost NRT. (patches/gum)
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There are many counselling options available to you that use many different formats. Online, phone, text messaging and groups are just some of the options. Connect with Smoker's Helpline to help decide what's best for you.
Smoker's Helpline
We have a quit clinic!
Don't have a family doctor or access to NRT? You may qualify for services in our local quit clinic. Contact us today to see if we can help support your next quit attempt!
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Do you have an Ontario Drug Benefit Card?
Some quit smoking medications like Champix and Zyban may be available to you for lower costs. Try speaking to your doctor or pharmacist if this is an option you're looking to explore.





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