Am I at Risk for TB if I Travel?

Picture of Hong Kong at night

  You should always keep in mind that certain countries are considered higher risk for acquiring Tuberculosis. Currently the five countries with the highest TB incidence worldwide are: 1.    India 2.    China 3.    South Africa 4.    Indonesia 5.    Pakistan For a complete list of other high burden countries visit If you have travelled to any of these countries it does … Read More

How to Safely Dispose of Needles

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to properly dispose of needles found on public or private property.   For more information please contact the CK Public Health  at 519.355.1071 ext. 5901 or email    

Are you on a well in low-lying areas where flooding is occurring?

flooded back yard

Record high water levels and heavy rain fall have contributed to flooding in low lying areas and may cause septic systems to fail. If your drinking water comes from a well—test it immediately! Did you know that: Sewage can contain harmful bacteria such as E.coli If you are experiencing flooding—test your well water immediately to make sure it’s safe to … Read More

Summer Weather… Gone Bad

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The arrival of hot summer weather brings the risk of severe storms to our area.  Thunderstorms and lightning may quickly develop into damaging weather such as hail, heavy rain, high winds and tornadoes.  This may lead to power outages and flooding.  Do you and your family have everything you need to cope with these potential emergencies?  Take a few simple … Read More

Heat Warnings

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CK Public Health may issue a heat warning when Environment and Climate Change Canada predicts hot and humid weather. When we issue a heat warning—take extra precautions to protect yourself and loved ones from heat related health risks. We issue a heat warning when two consecutive days are forecasted to have a daytime high temperature greater than or equal to … Read More

Tara’s Story

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Immunizations are important in all stages of life. Infants and young children need shots because their immune systems are not mature enough to fight infection. They need their shots given on a well – timed schedule. Older children and adults also need shots to restore fading immunity or to build new immunity against different diseases. So, please, choose to immunize, … Read More

What do you know about Blue-Green Algae?

Be aware of beach/river water.  If it appears bright green or pea soup in colour you need to know this: Blue-green algae are tiny plants that live in fresh water. Normally blue-green algae are barely visible, but, during warm weather, they can quickly increase to form a large mass called a bloom. Blooms most commonly occur during the late summer and … Read More

Four Things You Should Know After Experiencing a Flood

Make Sure your Food and Water is Safe! 1. If your food has been exposed to flood waters you should: Throw out all foods exposed to flood water—even if they were in fridges and freezers. This includes meat, fruits & vegetables, all boxed foods, jars or bottles (home preservatives included) and cans with large dents—these items can’t be properly disinfected. Do … Read More

May is Rabies Awareness Month

Rabies is a fatal disease caused by a virus that affects the brain and spinal cord of warm-blooded mammals, including humans. How do I get it? A bite or a scratch from an infected animal. It’s spread through their saliva. What will I see if an animal has Rabies? They may act weird or abnormal (wild animals may seem friendly … Read More

Eye See…Eye Learn® program available in CK!

Does your child need an eye exam?  This is time sensitive information if you have a student in JK!  Each year, thousands of children start school without ever having an eye exam. Parents often believe that their child will let them know that they cannot see well, but children are rarely able to tell that they have poor vision because … Read More

Need Your Well Water Tested? Don’t forget we’ve moved!

Picture of tap water

Pick up a water bottle, free of charge, from us or your local municipal service centre. Keep the bottle closed until the moment you fill it. Take the sample on the day you are planning to return it to us. Run the water for 2-3 minutes; remove any aerators, etc. from the sample tap. Remove the tamper-proof, sealed cap from … Read More