A Day in the Life of a Public Health Inspector: Special Events Edition

Many people know that Public Health Inspectors examine local food establishments like dine-in restaurants, fast food joints, and even your favourite corner convenience store. What many people don’t know is the role that PHI’s play when it comes to ensuring on-site safety of special events across Chatham-Kent.

This year alone, your CK Public Health Inspectors were responsible for the inspection of WAMBO, Optifest, Rib Fest, Festival of Nations, RetroFest, and the list goes on!

PHI’s work with the special event organizers and vendors to make sure they are aware of all requirements prior to the event. Once that takes place, PHI’s ensure compliance with provincial food safety regulations by performing on-site inspections. Even temporary events must comply with all regulations. Because of the work of a Public Health Inspector, you can enjoy local special events fully, knowing all food and water at the events are safe for consumption.In addition, PHI’s are also responsible for setting requirements to ensure safety and prevent communicable disease transmission at events like petting zoos. CK Public Health Inspectors, they’ve got your back and are keeping you safe!