Yard Sales during COVID-19

Yard sales during COVID-19

It’s yard sale season in Chatham-Kent. While picking up a unique find might seem harmless, picking up a COVID-19 infection is not.

At all times, everyone should be taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Become familiar with these before holding or going to a yard sale. If you or anyone in your home are feeling ill (even if symptoms are mild), do not host or go to a yard sale. Stay home, self-isolate and contact a health care provider.

To keep yourselves and others safe, if you don’t need to hold or go to a yard sale, consider waiting until the pandemic has passed. Arrange to sell items online or set up appointments for buyers to limit the number of people gathering at one time, if possible.

If you are holding or going to a yard sale, take these measures to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

If you are holding a yard sale:

Ensure there are no more than 10 people in total at the yard sale at one time.

  • This includes the person(s) holding the yard sale. e.g. if one person is operating the yard sale no more than nine people can attend at one time. This also includes any other family members or residents of the home who are in the yard sale space. Physical distancing must be maintained with anyone outside of your household.

You are responsible for preventing crowds and ensuring people stay 2 metres or 6 feet apart from one another at all times.

  • Consider using signs, chalk, or other markings to show buyers where to stand to keep a safe distance. 2 metres is about the length of an adult-sized hockey stick or mattress.

Provide 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • Ensure it’s used often, especially after any exchange of money.

Reduce contact when exchanging money.

  • If able, set up a contactless payment method, such as e-transfer. If exchanging money, maintain 2 metres distance (e.g. buyer provides payment and then steps back 2 metres, seller makes change if needed, then steps back 2 metres, etc.).

Clean frequently touched surfaces.

  • Such as tables and countertops often with household cleaner or diluted bleach solution. Ask buyers to avoid touching items for sale unless they are making a purchase.

Do not allow buyers into your home.

  • Keep items for sale in an open space outdoors or well-ventilated area.
If you are going to a yard sale:

If possible, shop for used items online and arrange for delivery or curbside pick up.

  • Limit your risk of being exposed to COVID-19 by avoiding groups of people.

Limit the number of places you visit in one trip & stay local.  

  • Avoid travel, stick to yard sales in your community. And shop alone if you can.

Stay 2-metres or 6-feet from others at all times.

  • Avoid gathering in groups and having close range conversations. 2 metres is about the length of an adult hockey stick.

Pay online or provide exact change.

  • So that you do not have to exchange money multiple times.

Clean your hands frequently.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before leaving and after returning from shopping trips. Carry 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you to use on your trip.

Do not enter another person’s home.

Clean and disinfect any items purchased.

  • And wash hands after handling shopping goods. Avoid buying items that are difficult to clean.


Other important safety considerations:

Baby walkers, infant self-feeding devices and other items are banned in Canada.

Other second-hand items like car seats, cribs, helmets, playpens, strollers, children’s jewelry and kids’ sleepwear must meet certain safety requirements before they can be bought or sold in Canada.

For more information:

More tips for buying second hand products safely.

CK Public Health safety messages for yard sales.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE NUMBER OF PATRONS:Beginning June 12, 2020 up to 10 people can be at a yard sale.





























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