Healthy pregnancy

Is there a pregnancy in your future? Did you recently find out you’re expecting? With pregnancy comes many questions, myths, and advice from others, which can be confusing. Every parent wants to provide a healthy, safe environment for their child and it’s never too early to start!

Are you already wondering if you are eating the most nutritious foods, what about being active enough, or wondering about work related issues? Are there any lifestyle changes you would like to make and where will you find the information and support for these changes?

Why not take a few moments and ask yourself the following questions, you may find out you are doing well in all areas of your life. Or you may find you want or need more information or support. Remember this is not a test- it’s to help you understand what can make a difference to you, your baby and your family. If you need help or have concerns there are resources listed in the Pregnancy Wellness Guide.

Take Public Health Agency of Canada’s healthy pregnancy quiz or  read through their healthy pregnancy guide.

Last updated: December 2018