Vaccine  Information Session Recap (Recorded Tuesday, May 11, 2021)

The COVID-19 vaccine is free to anyone living in Ontario, including temporary foreign workers. The vaccine is not mandatory, but is recommended to keep workers and the community safe.

Temporary Foreign Agricultural Workers (TFAWs), as well as all agriculture and farm workers, are currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine.

It is Important for TFAWs to be Vaccinated because:

  • Risk of exposure to infection is high due to the ongoing inflow of new arrivals;
  • Risk of transmission with congregate settings, which includes both the housing and working environments is high;
  • Risk of severe illness or death due to increased prevalence of chronic conditions within the migrant worker population; and
  • Risk of disruption to critical supply chains and local economy.

Employers of TFAWs Play an Important Role:

Employers of TFAWs play an important role to ensure that their workers are educated about the COVID-19 vaccine and are supported to register and receive it the vaccine. This includes:

  • Providing factual, reputable information to workers about the vaccine in their preferred language.
  • Ensuring workers have access to a health care provider who can answer vaccine related health questions. This can be done virtually.

It is important for employers to communicate to TFAWs that the vaccine is recommended, but not mandatory at this time. A worker must not be penalized for refusing vaccination.

For Employees that are Temporary Foreign Workers:
COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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