I need a TB Skin Test for school….HELP!

Image of a TB Skin Test

  Are you entering post-secondary education and require a Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)? For students in Community Studies, Health Sciences or other programs where the placement site requests pre-placement health clearance will require a 2-step TST. Check your program requirements for specifications. The Mantoux TST is a standard method of determining if a person has been infected with the Mycobacterium … Read More

Is Your Child Ready for School?

February is kindergarten registration time.  It is the next step in your child’s learning journey. A child’s journey to school starts at the moment of birth.  Children learn by: Touching Hearing Tasting Seeing Smelling Moving Doing (one example is playing) Here are some important tips for parents to help children learn: Lots of love Talking and listening Play, play and … Read More