It’s not too late…

…to get your flu shot!! Influenza (flu) shots are still available from your health care provider, local walk-in clinic and many participating pharmacies (for those over 5yrs of age) throughout the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Appointments are also available at WISH Clinic Services: Call: 519.355.1071 ext. 5900 to book a date/time. For more information click here.

High School Students: Are You Up to Date?

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Caution: This video contains science 🙂 Often when we think of vaccines, we think of our baby and childhood shots. We forget that in order to keep that same level of protection that we enjoyed as children, we occasionally need booster doses. Tetanus booster shots are required every ten years for all teens and adults. The Tdap (Adacel) shot provided to adolescents … Read More

Require shots for school? Contact us — We can help.

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  The Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit has mailed suspension letters for elementary and high students whose immunization records remain incomplete. The letters contain what information is missing and how to update the health unit to ensure your child can remain in school. April 2, 2019 is suspension day and only the health unit can rescind the suspension not the school … Read More

Upcoming Immunization Clinic Dates for Students

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  In order to protect children against vaccine preventable disease, the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit is mandated by the Ontario Immunization of School Pupils Act to collect vaccine information from each student enrolled in school. If the Health Unit does not have the required immunization information or a valid exemption, then you have been issued an Order for Suspension from … Read More

Is Your Child Protected?

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We have recently mailed out over 1500 immunization letters for elementary and secondary children either in need of a vaccine or needing to report their shots. There are 2 reasons to choose vaccination: To protect our children and ourselves- even if we think our chances of getting any disease is small; they do still exist and can infect anyone who … Read More

Need to Report Your Child’s Shots? — ICON

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Check out our new secure online system for reporting your child’s immunizations to Chatham-Kent Public Health called ICON (Immunization Connect Ontario). You can also view your child’s current, overdue and upcoming immunizations.  It’s like a yellow card, only better. Why should I use this site? It’s an online alternative to paper immunization records. It allows you to securely keep track of … Read More

Taking a Trip? Don’t Forget Your Travel Shots!

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While travelling, you may be at risk for a number of exotic illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination. As you age, your vaccine-acquired protection against many illnesses may decrease, and your risk of getting certain diseases may increase. Some countries may also require you to provide proof of certain vaccinations to cross their borders. Make sure you’ve read up … Read More

Where Can I Get My Flu Shot?

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Getting your yearly flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your family from getting influenza. The vaccine arrived for public use in Chatham-Kent in October. Certain people are at a greater risk for serious complications if they get the flu.  Examples are older people, young children, pregnant women and people with certain health conditions like asthma, diabetes or … Read More

School Immunization Clinic Dates — Fall 2018

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Public Health vaccination clinics for Grade 7 students are set to begin at local Chatham-Kent elementary schools again this fall to protect against: Hepatitis B Meningococcal Disease Human Papillomavirus (HPV). These vaccines are only available free of charge from Chatham-Kent Public Health; they are not available from your doctor. Only those students with signed and completed consent forms can receive these … Read More

Your Vaccine Is Protected

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Did you know that the Chatham-Kent Public Health plays an important role in making sure that the vaccines you receive are safe and effective? Public Health Nurses in Chatham-Kent inspect every location that stores publicly funded vaccine. This is called a Cold Chain Inspection. Inspections occur at all doctors’ offices, long term care facilities, retirement homes, pharmacies and hospitals at … Read More

I need a TB Skin Test for school….HELP!

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  Are you entering post-secondary education and require a Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)? For students in Community Studies, Health Sciences or other programs where the placement site requests pre-placement health clearance will require a 2-step TST. Check your program requirements for specifications. The Mantoux TST is a standard method of determining if a person has been infected with the Mycobacterium … Read More

After Immunization…in case you didn’t know

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Side effects of immunization are mostly mild, such as a sore arm or mild fever for a day. But there is no way to absolutely predict how a person may react to a shot. If a more serious reaction or adverse event is suspected, you should report it to your healthcare provider or Public Health Unit — wherever the vaccine was given.  … Read More