Are you thinking of using infant formula?

Picture of pregnant women

How you feed your baby is an important decision. Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit supports all women and their families by providing fact based information. We want you to have all the information you need to make an “informed decision” that is right for you. Know the Facts – Infant Formula    

Your Baby’s Feeding Cues

Picture of a woman breastfeeding

New parents receive a lot of advice about how to feed their baby. Current research and feeding guidelines recommend that new parents follow their infant’s cues when it comes to feeding. All healthy full term babies show hunger cues that tell parents it is time to eat. Some of these cues include: an increase in sucking movements sucking on their … Read More

Are My Kids Eating Okay?

Child Eating

What should I feed my kids for breakfast? What are some good snack foods for my kids? How do I get my kids to eat healthy foods? How much food should my child be eating? My child doesn’t eat very much, should I be worried? Are meal times supposed to be a struggle? My child has allergies, what do I do? Feeding young children can … Read More