School-Based Immunizations


The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the delivery of public health programs including immunization services. Grade 7 immunization clinics were scheduled to take place in schools in April and May 2020. These clinics were cancelled due to the outbreak and subsequent school closures on March 13, 2020.

As we move forward into the fall in the context of a continued COVID-19 response, there will need to be local adaptation regarding our immunization programming as we work towards the common goal of high vaccine uptake and low vaccine preventable disease rates. Immunization is important.

While we continue to work to develop a plan and determine the logistics to again safely provide in-school vaccinations in the near future, our primary focus at this time is the safety of all students and staff from COVID-19 during their transition back to class this fall.

At this time, we are offering in-house immunization appointment times ONLY to identified priority populations including:

  • All students born in 2006 or 2007 (currently in Grade 8 or Grade 9).
  • Female students born in 2002 who remain eligible for HPV vaccine.
  • Children without a healthcare provider, who are currently overdue for routine immunizations as per the Immunization of School Pupils Act or Child Care and Early Years Act (Ages 0-17).

Remember Parents: 

Meningococcal protection is mandatory for all students who go to school in Ontario.

Infographic for making vaccines easier for grade 7s

Immunization clinics will be held every Wednesday from 9am to 4pm at CK Public Health Clinic Services (177 King St. East, Suite 2 Chatham). Pediatric clinics will be held one Tuesday a month. Please call for appointment dates and times as space is limited 519.355.1071 ext. 5900.

Those students born in 2008 (currently in Grade 7) continue to be eligible for publicly funded vaccinations (Hepatitis B, Meningococcal and HPV) and can arrange to have them completed at their healthcare provider’s office. Parents must call us to ensure the vaccines are delivered to your healthcare provider’s office prior to making your appointment, as they do not routinely have them in stock.


    Currently, our CK Public Health nurses are not providing any routine or catch-up immunizations in local high schools. Any required shots are to be received at your regular family healthcare provider. Tetanus booster shots are required every ten years for all teens. The Tdap (Adacel) shot provided to adolescents protects not only against Tetanus but also against Diphtheria and Pertussis. Once you receive your shot – don’t forget to report it to us! Online or via phone 519-355-1071 ext. 5900.

    If you missed your Meningococcal (Menactra) vaccine in grade 7 it can only be obtained free through CK Public Health for those born after 1997. Please call 519-355-1071 ext. 5900 for an appointment. 

    Note: Both Adacel and Menactra vaccines are a school requirement for all high school students.