Food Recalls and Warnings

From time to time, foods that you buy at the store get recalled. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issues food recalls when it believes that a food may not be safe to eat.

You can see a list of current food recalls here

CK Public Health monitors food recalls and shares them on social media. You can sign up to receive food recall warnings by email here.

Why Foods Get Recalled

Food recalls are triggered for a number of reasons. Some reasons for a recall include:

  • People got sick after eating the food
  • A test result shows the food may be unsafe to eat
  • CFIA found something concerning during an inspection
  • Other reasons (via CFIA)
How to Tell Whether a Food is Recalled

When a food is recalled, the CFIA will send out a recall notice with information to help you identify the product. This includes pictures of the product and what to look for on the product label.

What to do with a Recalled Food?

When a food is recalled, you should:

  • Check your kitchen to see whether you have the food
  • Read over the CFIA’s recall notice for instructions on what to do
  • When in doubt, throw it out

Questions? Contact CK Public Health. A public health inspector will follow up with you.