Tuberculosis — Infection vs. Disease

Picture of lung xray

Tuberculosis (TB) Infection and Tuberculosis Disease mean two very different things and they’re easily mixed up. So, what’s the difference between TB Infection and TB Disease? TB Infection (aka latent TB) Positive TB skin test but normal chest x-ray TB germ has entered the body but is not growing No symptoms Not contagious Risk of developing disease in the future May take … Read More

Prevent Antibiotic Resistance At Home

Do you know that certain antibiotics no longer work on certain bacteria? This is because we often use antibiotics incorrectly and too often. We need to prevent this problem from getting worse. What can we do? As a patient, ask if tests will be done to make sure the right antibiotic is prescribed. Take antibiotics exactly as the doctor tells … Read More

Getting a Tattoo? STAY SAFE!!

Picture of man getting tattoo

Don’t end up with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV or a severe skin infection! Make sure that the tattoo parlour you choose is inspected and approved by us! If strict standards are not followed, you could be at risk. Beware of underground tattoo artists or getting a tattoo at a party! Tattoo Checklist: Make sure that you really want a … Read More

What is Enterovirus D68?


  Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is a respiratory infection related to the common cold virus. North America has seen an increase in cases since August of this year, with some cases just recently appearing in Ontario. It is not a new virus but had occurred infrequently in the past. It can spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing, by … Read More