I CAN Breastfeed…

Picture of happy baby

I Can Breastfeed My Baby Even If He/She Is Jaundiced You should be waking up my sweet baby, it’s time to eat. Why are you so tired and sleepy when feeding? Even your skin and whites of your eyes look yellow. Your baby may have jaundice. Over 50% of babies develop a condition called jaundice in the first couple of … Read More

I CAN Breastfeed….

Image of a crying newborn

I Can Breastfeed My Baby Even If He Is Very Fussy Or Easy-Going Before you welcomed your little one into your family you had visions of sitting quietly in a rocking chair blissfully holding your calm, smiling or sleeping baby. But now you are finding that your 3 week old has never smiled and, even more distressing, they seem to … Read More