Vision Screening Program for SK Students

The 2018 Ontario Public Health Standards require Public Health Units to implement a universal Vision Screening Program for SK students. The Ottawa Public Health Unit created an excellent video reinforcing the importance of comprehensive eye exams, signs of potential vision problems, and a preview of vision screening. We have begun its senior kindergarten vision screening pilot and will provide vision … Read More

Prevent Child Injury

Illustration of preventing child injury

Prevent Child Injury Injuries occur in young children as they develop and explore their surroundings. Their bones, muscles, vision, and balance are still developing. They are learning new skills all the time and don’t have the skills that adults have to judge whether or not their activities are safe. Leading Ontario Child Injuries: Falls Scalds and Burns Poisonings Importance of … Read More

Cannabis and Your Baby

Picture of marijuana plant

Is it safe to use cannabis while pregnant? Cannabis contains THC, the ingredient that makes you feel high. It moves quickly into your fat cells and brain and can be stored there for weeks or even months. You’re pregnant now, and just like you, the THC targets your baby’s fat and brain and is stored there. It can change the … Read More