Buckle Up ….. For Your Safety, For Your Child’s Safety

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation reminds drivers and passengers to buckle up and make sure children are properly secured in the right child car seat or booster seat. Recent ministry statistics show that 96 per cent of all Ontarians buckle up on a regular basis — but about half a million still don’t. During a collision, properly fastened seatbelts help … Read More

Installation Tips for Car Seats

Picture of infant in a car seat

Picks and Pointers from our car seat clinics Based on what we see at our car seat clinics, these are the top picks and pointers to help install your car seat correctly: Read, read, read the car seat installation manual and the child restraint section in your vehicle owner’s manual. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation. We have had several seats with no manual. … Read More

Forward Facing Car Seats

Make Every Ride a Safe Ride! Forward Facing Car Seats: Unsure of when your infant can switch from a rear facing to a forward facing car seat?  Having trouble installing your car seat?  To turn forward facing, infants need to be: 1 year of age AND 22 lbs (10 kg) AND walking independently Even if your child meets these criteria, … Read More