Smoking and Vaping Prevention

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Are you concerned about vaping? Is there a person in your life at risk for increasing experimentation or having trouble stopping? Youth vaping and nicotine addiction can be a complex issue with many layers that require a closer look. This page features the latest information and evidence to help assist in preventing youth vaping, supporting those looking to stop, as well as sharing all the relevant resources and tools currently available.


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What are they?

Vaping products are battery powered devices that heat up a liquid into an inhalable aerosol that can enter the user’s lungs.

"Tank" style devices tend to be larger and offer most customized features. Various e-liquids can be used and bought separately. This type of device tends to produce more vapour volumes and can be the most expensive type available.

"Pod" systems are smaller in size and come with specific pods that contain small amounts of liquid (1.5-3mL) that are swapped out when empty. Some of the best selling brands are pod based devices and come in a variety of shapes, sizes. strengths, colours and flavours.

"Disposable" vape devices are a more recent type of design that are gaining popularity as they do not often require charging like other  devices. They tend to be medium sized and increase in price depending on the advertised number of puffs increase in size. For instance, a "500 puff device" would contain less liquid and be lower in cost compared to a "5000 puff" device.

What's in them?

The liquid that is heated in vaping devices are often referred to as "e-liquids". There are a wide variety of "e-liquids" available in a number of formulas, flavours and concentrations. Here is a brief overview of some of the more popular options.

"Nicotine Types"

The type of nicotine formulation found in "e-liquids" can vary and are mainly available in three options: "freebase nicotine", "nicotine salt",  and "synthetic nicotine".

The most popular selling brands mostly contain "nicotine salt" formulas that are better absorbed by the body and often have more addictive potential as compared to older "freebase nicotine" liquids that aren't as absorbed as efficiently.

"Synthetic nicotine" devices are newer to market and are often found in disposable devices. They can be featured and advertised as being "stronger" then the listed concentration.

"Nicotine Concentrations"

Currently in Canada, there are limits on vape device nicotine concentrations. Devices are currently maximized at 20mg/mL of nicotine. Depending in the brand, some devices do offer lower concentrations but the vast majority are currently sold at the maximum amount.

To address the limits on nicotine concentration limits, some manufacturers have begun producing devices with increased volumes sizes that now are  products with more"total nicotine" amounts.


When looking at regular cannabis use, the vast majority of users prefer to use cannabis by smoking it. However, with the growth of vaping, there are now more options to vape cannabis oils with specific types of devices. (Some vape devices are sophisticated enough to vapourize raw leaf material as well.)

Due to the production process, this method of cannabis use is one of the more expensive delivery methods. The vaping of cannabis however, would  be a safer form of delivery when compared to smoking cannabis as there is no combustion  occurring.

We have a number of programs and initiatives designed to prevent youth tobacco and vaping use.

1.SFOA Diversion Program

Students caught smoking and/or vaping in contravention of the Smoke Free Ontario Act (2017) can participate in a PHU led educational session in lieu of being fined. Students must be referred by school administration to PHU Tobacco Enforcement Officer to qualify.

2. Reducing harm of popular substances Workshop

Students will discuss and learn about a variety of popular substances (alchohol, tobacco, vaping, cannabis etc) and learn effective strategies in navigating the social cultures around their use to reduce harms and protect health. (PHU staff led) Want more information? Connect with us at 

3. Quit Smoking or Vaping with Quash

Quash smoking or vaping! Change is a process, not an event. The Quash app helps you progress through each stage of the quit process. Remember, long-lasting change is more likely when it's self-motivated and rooted in positive thinking. Download the app and get started today on a personalized plan just for you.  


Quash App for smoking and vaping cessation


Try the #StopVaping app where you are encouraged to try to stop vaping for as long as they can with the help of an in-app timer. Key features  include a dedicated tab for inviting friends, tracking mood and cravings, recording photo and video memories, and finding appropriate local resources on quitting vaping.

Download and try today on APPLE or ANDROID


Want learn more about vaping? Try the interactive online game over at Not An Experiment

In addition to the game, teachers can find classroom resources, posters as well as on online quit plan for those looking to reduce their vaping.