Meet Your Nurses

Meet Your School NursesElementary and Secondary School NursesConnect with your school public health nurse to receive recommendations and support to meet your schools health promotion needs. We will connect you to the right resources, community partners and organization. Attention: During Covid-19, school PHNs are not available to meet with students in person, but remain available by phone, text or email … Read More

Easy Online Testing

No need to see your doctor, make an appointment, wait in line at a walk-in clinic or fill out countless forms. Get tested online! Visit the CK Public Health website at (click the Easy Online STI Testing tab). What are we testing for? Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection (STI) especially common among younger people. In 2011, individuals 18-24 made up … Read More

It Won’t Happen to Me!

Picture of woman holding pregnancy test

Why are there still so many unplanned pregnancies if there are so many birth control methods available? Here are a few reasons: People take risks, they think “it won’t happen to me” (recent generations expect to enjoy sex without the consequences). Pregnancy will eventually happen, if you are not using a reliable type of birth control.  Be prepared; plan ahead … Read More

Consent to sex should always be clear

While alcohol may lower inhibitions or create romantic moods, it should not be used as an excuse for neglecting responsible sexual behaviour. It is your responsibility to make sure your partner is sober enough to give sexual consent. If they pass out, have trouble walking, talking or focusing and are not entirely aware of their environment, then they are too … Read More

Don’t be that guy

Just because she isn’t saying no… doesn’t mean she’s saying yes. The most common drug involved in sexual assault is alcohol. Most people use alcohol to relax and have fun but drinking too much can put you at risk of sexual assault.  It is always your responsibility to make sure you and your partner are sober enough to give sexual … Read More

Pap Screening Saves Lives!

National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, October 23-29th Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable with immunization and regular screening. This year CK Public Health has teamed up with Cancer Care Ontario and The Federation of Medical Women of Canada to bring awareness to Cervical Cancer and urge women to get their Pap test! According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, … Read More