Falls: Not a Normal Part of Aging

Most of the time, when we hear about someone falling, it is someone in their older age. But did you know that falls are NOT actually a normal part of aging?

More grey hair, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles are things that we can expect -and embrace- as we get older, but taking an unexpected tumble is something that we can, and should, avoid!

November is Fall Prevention Month in Canada. And this year we would like to share with you the actions that you can take to help avoid falls, and stay active and independent!

  • Exercise regularly to help maintain strength and balance. Physical activity improves mood, sense of well-being and can provide social connection. Please speak with your health care provider before starting any exercise program.
  • Check Your Vision and be sure to complete an annual eye exam.
  • Review Your Medications annually with your health care provider or pharmacist.
  • Remove clutter and tripping hazards around your home.
  • Talk openly with your health care provider about fall risks and prevention.

For more information on Falls Prevention, visit our website at www.CKPublicHealth.com/StandingUp